Licensing Support

At Vanilla Mile Crepe, we will ensure that our partners get the support they need to run a successful Vanilla Crepe Dessert Cafe. Hence, we ensure a fair and balanced division of labour and the right training to ensure that a licensee will be able to run an attractive and profitable business based on our established formula.

The Licensee is responsible for:
  • Initial Licensing Fee
  • Finding locations
  • Cafe Fit Outs & Equipment
  • Hiring Employees & Operating stores
  • Paying a 7% (shoplot) & 5% (shopping mall) royalty to the company & 1% fee the marketing fund
The Company is responsible for:
  • Access to product formulation & operational systems
  • Cafe design and equipment ordering guidance
  • Training program
  • Operations manual
  • On-site representative during opening
  • Periodic evaluations & support
Prior to Opening

1.  Site Selection
You will be assisted with evaluating the location for your business.

2. Store Design
You will be advised with a layout for your specific locations.

3. Equipment Ordering
You will receive guidance on ordering your equipment package for timely delivery.

4. Training
You and your designer or manager will take part in our intensive two week program.

After Opening

1.  Operation Manuals
Our in depth manual covers a full range of topics important to running your business.

2. Field Support
Your local representative will help you get started as well as ongoing operational evaluations.

3. License Services
A coordinator will serve as your main contact person, just a phone call or email anyway.

4. Marketing Support
We ensure you will have help from a dedicated creative and marketing team.